What is Eurolynx

The ultimate goal of the EUROLYNX project is to investigate ecological aspects that require the collaboration and data sharing of multiple institutes and researchers. Joining knowledge and information from different study areas and research projects open up many perspectives for scientists at both global and local scale. The final goal is to produce knowledge and in particular to support a science-driven sustainable management of environmental resources and conservation. In a nutshell:


Data sharing is only one of the elements. In fact, what is peculiar to EUROLYNX when compared to other data sharing projects is that the collection, quality control, standardization and sharing of data and of the e-infrastructure to manage and analyze them is not an objective per se, for example to to make available raw data and tools to third parties, but  rather tasks needed to create a scientific network of scientists that collaborate to produce science.

The intended activities of the project that underpin the collaboration between researchers based on the shared data and tools can be summarized as follow:

  • Effectively store and archive lynx location data across Europe
  • Encourage collaborations to work on several aspects of animal ecology jointly
  • Inspire discussions to identify research gaps
  • Promote accessibility of large scale datasets to address research questions at multiple spatio-temporal scales, as approved by data owners



Following a productive workshop in the Bavarian Forest National Park in October 2018 and inspired by the example and success of the EUROdeer network it was decided that a research network focused on Eurasian lynx should be founded. With support of the EUROmammals team we have been able to put together the infrastructure for the network together. For a list of current network partners, see here.